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Automate Your Sales & Marketing/ CRM (Customer Relationship Management)-
What would your business look like if you could follow up and follow through with 100% of your existing clients and customers, 100% of your new clients and customers and 100% of potential new leads and referrals?
Could you do 20% more business?  30% more business? 
Statistics have proven that if you are following up 100% with everyone, your business could be doing 40% and more each year.
And once the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is set up, it runs itself.  You don’t have to work harder.  You have an automated system that will do the work for you.
Now you can actually work ON your business in place of working IN the business.
Sound interesting?  Call IdeaMagic and we can review ideas for your CRM system.
More Tools for Your Automated Sales & Marketing Systems…
Infusionsoft Certified Partners
You may or may not have heard about Infusionsoft, but what we know is it is still the most powerful Small Business CRM on the planet.
As Certified Partners, we know how to make it work for you.  We take the confusion out of solving your marketing automation.
Webinars / Podcasts
Our Team has been automating webinars and podcasts for some of the biggest names in professional speaking and coaching.
Names like Frank Kern, Don Miller, Ryan Chapman and more have built empires using our Team’s systems.
If you are an aspiring speaker or coach, talk to us first about how we can help you grow your business.
Text Messaging
What we know to be true is that mobile devices, particularly our mobile phones, have replaced almost all forms of digital communication.
Automated Text Messaging is another option to reaching those customers when you know you will get the message to them.
Our Team has developed one of the most powerful and successful Text Messaging system available on the market.
Want more information?  Click here.
Automated Calling & Sales Systems
Our Team is using this exact system in a number of clients that are growing at massive rates.
Because this is automated they can handle the rapid growth and they have room to increase revenue even more.
Don’t  wait another day to find out how this could work for your business.
Funding Resources
You’re probably wondering why this is showing up on a digital marketing website.  It’s because we know that most businesses are concerned about how to afford all of the digital marketing solutions available.
Our Financial Experts help you create a plan, clean up your credit and locate financing resources to help pay for the growth of your company.


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