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The View From A Bold Woman In Business


I just returned from a life changing experience in Scottsdale, Arizona at The Bold Women in Business event. This was the inaugural event hosted by the incomparable Vanessa Shaw and her brilliant Team.


Beads of Brilliance 
A Bold Woman In Business


Vanessa is a no nonsense, straight forward, hit them between the eyes with truth and clarity kind of gal.  Needless to say, I walked away with many AHA moments. I already have a plan to enhance some of the weaknesses in my business and personal life.

One of the many beads of brilliance Vanessa shared:


“What am I willing to give up to gain what I desire?”


That really got me thinking about the projects I am working on and what things I have accepted in my life. How, in any way, do those things really fit into my long term plan and into the culture of my company?


Taking an assessment 


I started assessing what those items are and now have a process of changing, enhancing and improving myself and my business.


My Top 3 actionable items:


Know my numbers.  We all have our weaknesses in our business and this one is mine.  I’m a marketer, an Idea Diva and a strategist.  I was never taught how to read my numbers and completely understand what they mean.  That’s my first priority!  I am going to develop my own system of tracking and following the money.  I had already begun reducing my expenditures about 60 days ago. It’s already positively impacting my bottom line.


I tried using existing on line resources and those were more frustrating and confusing than creating my own.


Know my Team. I am very fortunate to have a team of professionals who know their roles and expertise really well.  What they have not had is a clear expectation of what I want or the process of how I want them to work for me. 


This one is on me. They know their stuff, and they don’t understand my systems, processes and deadlines as well as they could.  Guess what I’m doing this week?  Yup, I’m sitting down with all of them and creating clear expectations and processes.


Know myself.  What I learned at The Bold Women in Business event was that I am undervaluing my worth and my team’s worth. You need to be the Apple of your industry. I am changing that this week!



If you’d like to know more about how you can be a Bold Woman in Business, check out for more insights into growing a successful business and a successful life. 



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