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When the Expert Needs an Expert!


Successful business models require hiring experts.

Yes, there are many tasks you can accomplish and might even be qualified to do most of them well. You may even generate positive
results…. But what if you had hired that marketing expert? What if you hired a business coach? A copywriter? How much better could you have done?

Your expertise lies in the service you provide. It’s why others hire you. It’s how you help them, build, grow or improve. You should be seeking out experts to do the same for you.


DIY has its limits

There are times you may be able to get by on what you know, but there are three critical points when doing it yourself is not the best approach:     

  • When you are first starting out. Hiring experts means building a foundation for success. You know your business. It’s where your expertise lies. Hiring others for their expertise is the best way to ensure a solid future. Lawyers, accountants, IT consultants and a host of others help make sure your business is on solid footing and will operate smoothly from the start. There are headaches you can avoid by doing it right, from the start.   

    Start driving success. When the experts need to hire experts

  • When growing. Hiring others provides the best chance for continued success. We need the expertise in others to help us grow our businesses. Sooner or later, the knowledge base you possess, which served you well to the point you are at, will not be enough to move you forward. You will need to ramp up your marketing, your logistics, your hiring practices.

  • When you hit a wall. You cannot doctor your own businesses. Your ideas could actually be the cause for hitting the wall. You need a fresh look at what is working and what isn’t. Are your systems and processes adequate? Is your approach still the best one? You need to hire those with the expertise needed to help you see things clearly. You need experts to get you back on track.


If you want success, it starts with hiring experts.

You can try to do it on your own, but at some point, you are doing more harm than good. Walk the walk. Get into the right mindset. If you want others to hire the experts to help them grow their business, why aren’t you doing the same?


MJ Jensen, Chief Idea Officer

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