Are you extremely satisfied with how your website looks, functions & performs?


For everyone that either has a web site they are NOT happy with or has no website at all, this one’s for you.

•A website is NOT a business unless it is bringing in revenue.
•Be cautious of web developers who are not marketers. My web developer understands the importance of creating a website that will attract and keep people on my site.  It is not only attractive; it is a reflection of the entire IdeaMagic company.
•You do NOT have to spend a lot of money to get a website up and running.
•Look for resources that will understand your needs and stay within your budget.
•For existing websites, make sure that you have SEO. That’s "Search Engine Optimization."
•If you’re not sure what that means, contact IdeaMagic and we can direct you to resources to help you.

Are you a good prospector?


• The person that asks the right questions is in control of the conversation. If you find that your prospect is asking all of the questions, you are NOT in control.
• Learn about your prospects and their business. What is the company’s mission statement? What are your prospects interests? Be sincere and interested. People do business with people first.
• Ask the right questions and then listen. How often do we ignore this advice? Ego and too much enthusiasm can get in the way of caring more about the other person’s needs than proving how much we know.
• Be positive. Prospects are not here to listen to your sob story. Be positive – even when you don’t feel like it. Fake it until you make it. People want to do business with winners, not whiners.

What is your sales style?


• Don’t hard sell anyone, anytime! Take “sell” out of your vocabulary. Try using the word “Share”. Think this instead: I am here to share what I do with people who need it the most. I do not want to sell to anyone. If you are clear of your target market, you will never have to “hard sell” again.
• Look the part. Don’t underestimate the power of your image. Clothing, personal style, phone messages, office organization, business card, brochures, even your car’s cleanliness is part of what represents you. If you haven’t looked at your image lately, it might be time to update and freshen up your “style”. Your customers and prospects will notice the improvement.

What we learned in kindergarten still applies today


• When was the last time you sent a note or called your top 20% clients? I send what I call “love notes” for no reason at all other than to let my key clients know I care.
• Many times that prompts them to ask for help on something they wanted to get accomplished. Send notes or messages when it is least expected.

Are you absolutely thrilled with your business card?


• If not, it’s time to really assess the image your business card is portraying. Does it look like a big company image? Is it memorable? Is it colorful? Using an unusual die cut or fold over format can work really well to make your business card eye catching.
• A touch of color is better than no color at all. Even in conservative industries, it’s OK to try something no one else is doing.
• Your business card stays around longer than the memory of you and your business. Always use a memorable business card.

Getting the most from your direct mail program can be challenging


Good results are a 1% or 2% return.  Shoot for higher.  Here are some tips to follow:

•Use these five litmus test questions.
•Is my direct mail campaign targeting exactly who I want to do business with?
•Is my mailing list targeted and current?
•Am I giving them an offer they can’t refuse?
•Is my mailing piece colorful, attractive and on paper stock that is expensive looking?
•Am I giving them a “call to action”?

Do you have a limited marketing & advertising budget?


You are a small, but growing business. What’s the first step?

• If you need more business, get out and meet more people. Waiting for the phone to ring will not bring positive results. Connecting with more people increases your chances of finding the right customers for your product or service.
• Try visiting leads groups, networking groups and Chambers of Commerce. Visit a few then decide which fits your needs and personality. Remember – join groups because you like the people and you can see results.
• Follow up with everyone you meet with a “love note” and never try to “hard sell”.

Image is everything & everything matters


When was the last time you walked in the door that your customers use? Look at your business from your most critical customer’s eye.

•What is their first impression of your business?
•Is your place spotless?
•Are your signs appealing, colorful and current?
•Is your receptionist friendly, courteous and helpful?
•Is the phone being answered promptly and with a smile?
•If you sense something is off, it probably is and it’s time to correct and improve it today.  
•Your customers will notice the positive difference immediately.

Many businesses believe that if they are advertising, they are marketing


Effective marketing results come from an integrated, multi-task, strategic process. We call this “The Marketing Pie.”

•Every business’s “Marketing Pie” is unique because no one business is alike.
•This is what confuses most small business owners.
•“The Marketing Pie” is made up of a minimum of eight slices.  Each slice represents a component of marketing that would be appropriate for that business’s time, energy and money.
•The results will not be as positive if the business is not implementing all slices at all times.
•That’s where IdeaMagic comes in.  We can help you discover your very own “Marketing Pie.”

Are you a consultant, sole proprietor, sales person or a middle manager in a large company?


These ideas will help you present a successful image.

• It’s not just who you meet that’s important, it’s everyone they know. Each prospect represents a number of future opportunities so do not underestimate the importance of treating everyone you meet as the most important person in your life and to your business.
• Always be yourself. People spot fakes immediately. Relax and work like you don’t need the money. People want to do business with people who are successful and not desperate.
• Play to the prospect.  Know their expectations. Listen and make notes. Put everything in writing to avoid miscommunication.