Social Media Cafe

Tucson Social Media Marketing and Management

Why Social Media Marketing is Critical to the Success of Your Business!

All businesess know that social media is important for the overall strategy of gaining visibility, reaching more prospects, and doing more business. The biggest challenge is how to fit social media into your already busy schedule.

That's Where the Social Media Cafe Comes In...

  • We develop your brand and message;
  • We get that approproate message out to a swath of people;
  • We get engagement and coversations going on Facebook and other relevant social media platforms; and
  • We help you promote the special offers and events that you have planned.


And It's Affordable! And Equally Important, It Works!

The Social Media Cafe TEAM has been applying our strategies to our own successful businesses and now we can offer this to you. Together, we reach over 1.5 million Friends of Fans on Facebook. You want to be our Friend, too!

Contact IdeaMagic visionary marketing & social media
at (520) 241-1444 and find out how we can help your business FINALLY get a social media strategy that WORKS!